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Westbury adds Pro Rewards Program

New for 2024, DSI has added a Pro Rewards Program exclusive to contractors.  With a quick and easy sign-up, contractors can earn cash-back rebates, pick up qualified leads, and access marketing materials.  All Westbury Aluminum Rail, VertiCable, and ScreenRail purchases qualify for at least a 2% cash-back rebate.    Certified Master Pro installers qualify for even higher rebates and and volume bonuses.  Complete the training and sign up now so you’re ready to upload those invoices when deck building takes off this spring!

Here’s the link to get started:

News, Products

NOW STOCKING: Titan Houswrap/Drainwrap and OX Engineered Products

Titan Protective Housewrap offers premium air and water resistance and is recommended as a drainwrap as well.  It has greater strength and tear resistance than competitive products.  It has Class A fire resistance and a 15-year warranty.  Plus, its soft texture is less slippery and you can see your stud/fastener markings right through the material.  Pair with arcticFLASH, which can be applied in temps down to 0 degrees and the recommended seam tape and butyl tape to complete the system. Complete the Smart Solution for your next project with Titan Seam Tape and Flexible Butyl Flashing.

These products are now stocked at all Stenerson Lumber locations:

  • Titan Protective Housewrap drainage wrap by Ox
  • arcticFLASH Synthetic Flashing by Ox
  • Flexible Butyle Flashing by Ox
  • Titan Seam Tape by Ox