Paid Time Off (PTO) Program Strengthens Benefit Offerings

Stenerson Lumber employees now enjoy up to 4 weeks of PTO in their first year! 

With a new comprehensive Paid Time Off (PTO) program, employees can rest assured that they have the time to enjoy work-life balance and handle personal matters.  The updated program allows for greater flexibility of use, increased visibility, simpler application, and earlier access to time.  It also adds a handful of days to be use for physical or mental health as well as an opportunity for rest and recreation.  Some PTO hours are earned by a working hour accrual and additional are allowed on a longevity/time-served basis.  The program retains the generous carryforward provisions of up to 60 days of banked PTO, while still allowing some PTO to be accessed for anniversary or hardship payout.  Even part-timers now have access to PTO hours!

For more information, check out this Brief Outline of our Full-Time Benefits.