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Insulation is an important factor in energy efficiency, sound transfer, and comfort in buildings. The correct combination of insulation products and building techniques can greatly improve energy consumption over time. At Stenerson Lumber, you’ll find a variety of products to incorporate into your insulation strategy, moving toward a comfortable dwelling that’s easily heated and cooled.

Not only is our delivery free, but we can pick up any overages of any clumsy, space consuming items and prepare your refund.  With purchase of our loose-fill products, you can use our insulation blower for free!

Insulation Products

  • Fiberglass Rolls and Batts
  • Fiberglass Loose-fill
  • Cellulose Loose-fill
  • Insulation Blower – FREE RENTAL
  • Sillseal
  • Sprayfoam / Expanding Foam

Our Suppliers

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