Digital Service Now Available

You can now opt into Daily Automatic Invoicing, fax or email delivery of monthly statements, and email delivery of our On the Level Newsletter.

Daily Automatic Invoicing sends a .pdf of each invoice and credit at the time that it’s posted to your account to your email account or fax number. With this option, each job/project can be assigned to different email addresses.  Our monthly statements are also able to be delivered electronically by fax or email.  Please take note that invoice copies will be sent with faxed statements, but not emailed statements.  You also have some options with the On the Level mailing list in that you may receive the newsletter via email or both a printed copy of the newsletter and the digital version.

Opt into our E-City Desk services too!  You can send email, text messages, or picture mail to our city desk and ensure a prompt response.  You can ask account balance questions, request a return pickup, order additional material, check on the status of an order or delivery, or send any other question or message that our store personnel can answer.  Store the following E-City Desk addresses to your contact list:

Detroit Lakes:
Fergus Falls:

With your first email, indicate your name and company (if applicable) to register yourself to this service.  Please let us know if you have any questions.